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Will I be able to work part-time?

The Master program Neurosciences is quite intensive and not to be taken lightly. During the semester, the working load may reach 8 hours per day (or even 10). Therefore, the time restrictions may not allow for a part-time job. We advise you not too apply for a job during the first semester, since it is the most time consuming. However, it is possible to manage it, if the working hours are in accordance with your schedule and if you are willing to put in extra effort. Additionally, the semester break gives the opportunity to make good use of one’s time and earn some money. If you want to look for a part-time job, you can check the website: While for most job offers you have to know German, some offers are also available for our international students, where English knowledge is required. Nevertheless, be aware that the master program has a tight schedule and not every weekend will be free (some modules/practical’s require also to work during weekends), but rather has to be spent in the library.

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