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What does the Student Council do?

The student council (Fachschaft) consists of five elected students and some volunteers. Our purpose is to improve the study program to maximally fit the students’ needs, represent the students to the higher authorities, and act as a contact point for current and future students.


Neurosciences Dinner –every month to two months we are organizing Neurosciences Dinners that usually take place in a chosen restaurant. Each time we are trying to pick a different option, so we can try out different cuisines. Last year we were at the: Italian Pizzeria, Chinese Boat, German restaurant and on a Picnic with a BBQ. Most of the time Fachschaft pays a part of the receive (for example one drink for each person), but keep in mind that mostly you are responsible for paying for yourself. Chosen restaurants usually have prizes up to 10 euros for a dish. Beforehand you will be ask to sign up in a doodle. Please, do so! It is much easier for us when we know the exact amount of people, so we know how many tables should we reserve. Hope to see a lot of you! 


International dinners – Since we come from different countries, we organized a few “International Dinners” during which a certain student was cooking dishes from his/her country to present the cuisine to fellow students. Last year we managed to get to get to know three cuisines: Spanish, Romanian and Egyptian.


Career talks, BFB and seminars – During a Carrer/Job Talk there is an opportunity to meet scientists that are currently working in the company or in a University and ask questions that may help you to choose the right path in when it comes to your future career. BFB also organizes lectures and seminars that students can attend conducted by specialists from Germany and abroad. No entry fee for any of this events.

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