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Can I do my Master thesis outside of Bonn?

In the normal case this is not possible. If you want to do the thesis absolutely somewhere else  you need to take care of several things:

  • Your first referee must be a Professor from Bonn, participating in the MSc Neurosciences program. So you need to find a Prof. who is willing to grade your thesis afterwards. To go to another University for your Master thesis you also need important scientific reasons.

  • You have to organise this on your own! You need to contact the Professor where you want to do your thesis on your own and ask him if this would be ok (even though he probably doesn't know you at all). Additionally, you will need a place to stay, which can be quite expensive. You will not receive any funding from the MSc Neurosciences program to do that.

  • You need to be aware of the fact that your education is very expensive and the only thing our Professors get in return is the work that you do for them in your Master thesis.


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