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Hi There!

Check out the Fachschaft Projects to see what's hot in the student council discussions. Also check out pictures from the most recent social activities. Enjoy!


We in the fachschaft are always doing our best to arm our fellow students with the best resources to succeed in neuroscience!

If there is something that you think the fachschaft could provide, let us know!

Seminars and Events: The fachschaft gets a lot of information about interesting events and seminars that occur at Bonn University. At the moment this information is distributed through weekly emails.

Fachschaft Library: The fachschaft is in possesion of a small library containing all the essential books for the courses and practicals during the program. These books are available to take home for students of the program. Our loan policies are very flexible!

Course Experience Questionnaire: For the courses in the program to improve feedback from the students is invaluable! The fachschaft has recently converted the previous paper questionnaire into an online form (Thanks Kenan!) making it so much faster and easier to give feedback after having completed a course. All feedback is of course completely anonymous!

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