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Here we present our work, our projects and events we organize. Some of which are:
  • Library:
    We are currently setting up a study program intern library, to provide our students with the most up-to-date textbooks in a huge variety of different fields within Neuroscience. On this website you can also find the titles and terms. If you have any suggestions concerning new books or ideas how to improve the library, please let us know.
  • Website:
    As you may have noticed, we have set up a new website. Here we will keep you up to date on everything that happens in the student council and the study program. Please regularly check the Events section for latest information on council meetings, guest talks and recreational activities.
  • Guest talks:
    We are planning on inviting other researchers to give guest talks to the Neurosciences students and everyone who may be interested. 
  • Recreational activities:
    We are planning on organizing a variety of recreational events which will be displayed under Events.
  • Enhancement of the Master program:
    One of the most important work we do is trying to enhance the Master program for our students. So far we already helped to enhance the way how the students are allocated to their (favourite) modules as well as initialised the creation of another elective practical.
  • Representing our students:
    Last but not least, we represent our students in several meetings, including the FK meetings , study commission meetings, medical faculty meetings, module leader meetings etc.
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